Perfecting The Art

of Luxury Carpet

Our Expertise

Kalogridis International is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of custom luxury carpets, specializing in commercial airlines, corporate and private jets, as well as yachts. For over 35 years, we have taken a unique approach to the custom design and creation process, communicating closely with our clients while involving our designers throughout the entire process. By executing every step of the design and manufacturing process in-house, we are able to create truly collaborative works of art with unparalleled attention to detail. As pioneers in our industry, we continue to perfect our process, developing new materials and technology.

Enhancing Environments For Jets, Yachts, Homes, Restaurants, Hotels and Hospitality Centers


Kalogridis International began developing Deconel in 2003. Deconel’s patented 3D decorative surface coverings are non-metallic and heat and flame resistant and provide designers a new level of personal expression and creativity in design while simultaneously delivering superior performance and technical innovation. Deconel surface coverings are applied to bulkheads, ceiling and wall panels, partitions, galley structures, and for use in making large cabinet and cabin stowage compartments of aircrafts, boats, and trains and in homes, restaurants, hotels and hospitality centers.

Completing The Look And Feel With Custom Wall Solutions From Deconel®

Leadership Team

  • George Kalogridis
    George Kalogridis Founder and Owner
  • Jim Brunke President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Stephane Husser
    Stephane Husser European Director
  • Nichole Gradert
    Nichole Gradert Deconel Director
  • Amit Mendon
    Amit Mendon Director of Indian Sales

Press and Accolades

Who We Work With

  • 4819 Maple Ave Dallas, TX 75219
  • 214-637-0519



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