Jim BrunkePresident and Chief Executive Officer

    Jim Brunke joined Kalogridis International as President and CEO with more than 40 years of experience in the aerospace industry, the greater part of which was spent with Boeing.

    “It’s an interesting phenomenon,” Brunke said. “”I think both (Kalogridis International owner and founder George Kalogridis) and I would tell you that. At a point in my life I ran a portion of the Boeing supply chain and I was focused on manufacturing and large OEM activities, that’s what I bring to the table. George brings to the table a fine eye for craftsmanship and art, and is uncompromising in providing the highest quality from an artistic perspective. What you would think might be a clash from this artistic, craftsmanship approach and this pragmatic, execution approach, in this case I’m seeing a perfect melding. It’s our ability to blend those two, design and execution, that I think will set us apart.”


    Jim Brunke

    President and CEO , Kalogridis International

    • 4819 Maple Ave Dallas, TX 75219
    • 214-637-0519



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