Melicha Uribe

September 19, 1959 – December 21, 2018

It is with deep sadness that we at Kalogridis announce the passing of our friend and co-worker Melicha Uribe. She was a mother hen to everyone here, especially the designers whom she guided and taught the ins and outs of the very unique position that she herself had created. Though small in stature, she was a force of nature who worked tirelessly to move the company forward. Starting with Kalogridis from its beginning, she became a familiar face to you all and we hope that you will keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Melicha Uribe was born in Mexico. Her family moved to the US when she was 13. Melicha went on to graduate from college in South Texas with Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. After graduation, she began her professional career in the oil industry. After a downturn in the industry, she found her way to Kalogridis working as a secretary/bookkeeper.

Melicha’s flare for design was soon discovered and she moved into the design side of the business. It was then that she started developing and designing samples. This lead to working closely with accounts to develop designs specific to their tastes and needs. Her first account was Dassault Falcon Jet. She was helping Dassault develop their design before they had their own design team. From Dassault her account list grew to include Bombardier, Jet Aviation, Lufthansa, LearJet, Embraer, Cessna, etc. Essentially, she worked closely with all of the major OEM’s.

During this same period, Kalogridis was doing a lot of yacht business as well. Melicha worked closely with people such as Jon Bannenberg, Andrew Winch and Donald Starkey as well as many other high end specialty design houses. She was also helpful in developing a good working relationship with the ship builders like Fedship and Lurssen.

Melicha Uribe and George Kalogridis became a great team that worked to grow relationships and generate sales. They traveled the globe together organizing shows in Europe and the US. Mel will always be considered George’s #2. She was instrumental in helping shape the company through its growth over more than 30 years.

Mel passed away on December 21, 2018 after a long illness. Her strength and determination and fight over many years of suffering will forever be an inspiration to everyone who knew her. Mel will be missed not only by all of the staff at Kalogridis, but throughout the Corporate and V.V.I.P. industry.

Kalogridis carpet featured in Business Jet Interiors International

The Citation Longitude will be Textron Aviation’s first super-midsize business jet. The image above, featured in Business Jet Interiors International’s October edition, feature’s Kalogridis International’s Bellari carpet.

Kalogridis International’s booth at NBAA

Vincent Rey of M&R associates design visits Kalogridis International

Vincent Rey of M&R Associates design discusses design with Senior designer Angela Borjas.

Senior designer Angela Borjas discusses a project with Vincent Rey of M&R Associates design who visited Kalogridis International in August.

Vincent Rey of M&R Associates discusses design with senior designer Angela Borjas and staff.

KaloGuide: Deconel Director Nichole Gradert

Our most recent installment of KaloGuide features Deconel Director Nichole Gradert. For Gradert, the daughter of Founder and Owner George Kalogridis, being at Kalogridis International is a unique opportunity:

On introduction to Kalogridis International

“High school and college summers I spent here,” Gradert said. “It was a perfect opportunity to learn more about my dad’s business. After I graduated college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I figured I would stay here for awhile until I figured it out and then I never left.”

On healthy challenges of being Deconel Director

“I like to be challenged and I like to keep my mind busy,” Gradert said. “Everything we do here is so different that it’s never boring. Always trying to think of new ways to do things, come up with new ideas/techniques, solve problems, we’re constantly doing things that we’ve never done before. We work on some of these projects for years so it’s interesting to see the progression of it – What an initial concept will evolve into.”

On carrying the Kalogridis legacy

“I feel personal responsibility for anything that goes on here,” Gradert said. “I want to make sure the customer gets what they want when they want it and that’s very important to me.”

On personal goals moving forward

“I want to be known for making changes in this industry,” Gradert said. “My goal when I started was to get fine art into the aircraft. Putting a little more art into it because this is a handmade product, it’s not coming off of a machine and there are so many possibilities it’s kind of a waste to not go as far as you can.”

KaloGuide: Designer Angela Borjas

KaloGuide’s second installment features designer Angela Borjas who has been with Kalogridis International for more than 10 years:

On what made her want to join the Kalogridis staff

“When I walked back out in the warehouse and I saw what all they were doing I was like ‘Woah! They’re doing this in Dallas,” Borjas said. “That was what blew me away. I didn’t know that we had manufacturing like that happening here that was so customized.”

On the most rewarding part of her job

“The most rewarding part is seeing someone’s idea come to life,” Borjas said. “Actually seeing something like either a sketch, or just a drawing, sometimes they just send you a little fabric, going through that process from the conception all the way to when it delivers.”

Outside of Kalogridis, Borjas has been married 18 years, has two children and is in a hiking group.

KaloGuide: Designer Sarah Dupree

Deconel inside of Emirates new Boeing 777 first class suites

KaloGuide is a weekly feature that introduces Kalogridis International’s tremendous staff to the world. The first installment features one of our top designers:

Senior Designer Sarah Dupree joined the Kalogridis International staff in 2011, the aviation industry was a welcome change for the former clothing designer.

“When I came here and saw what kind of carpet was being made I was excited,” Dupree said. “The artistry and everything. It’s not like normal carpet in planes or buildings.”

 “I didn’t know that private aircraft was such a big market,” Dupree said. “When I went to my first NBAA show I saw how many people were involved in it. The intricacies, how much effort and how much time goes into it.”

“Any given day we’re doing something different, or multiple things in one day,” Dupree said. “Quoting a carpet, working on three or four samples at the same time, pulling colors, making sure it’s something that the customer can use for the scheme that they want to work with, it’s all a fun balance.”

The Citation Longitude will be Textron Aviation’s first super-midsize business jet. The image above, featured in Business Jet Interiors International’s October edition, feature’s Kalogridis International’s Bellari carpet.

Deconel inside of Emirates new Boeing 777 first class suites featured in Business Jet Interiors International

Lover’s Seafood testimonial

“It adds so much to the restaurant and it’s great because it serves a double purpose. It’s for soundproofing and it’s beautiful. Soundproofing can destroy the design sometimes. This added to our design, it makes a huge difference.I think other restaurants will love it. We love it, people can tell a big difference already,” Lynae Fearing, who co-owns Lovers Seafood and Market with Tracy Rathbun said. “The Deconel designer came out and she had some great ideas from the beginning,” Fearing added. “She came back with some drawings which were really cool. It’s a New England-style seafood restaurant so we wanted to keep that same feel, I think Deconel definitely did that.” For more on Deconel, visit

Kalogridis International’s designs are featured inside Jackie Chan’s Embraer Legacy 500 private jet

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