3D DECONEL by Kalogridis

  3D DECONEL BY KALOGRIDIS INTERNATIONAL Kalogridis International had been making soft Nomex tapetries since 1989 for commercial airlines. George Kalogridis has developed a fire-resistant ultra-light weight panel with three-dimensional surface design which passes OSU65/65 and 60-second vertical burn depending on composite. The product is capable of photo realism or total abstract design that is […]


George Kalogridis Prides Himself on His “Carpet as Art” Philosophy “Carpet as Art,” heralds the Kalogridis International article in Altitudes Magazine, written by Sylvie Peron. “This year is an exceptional year,” declares George Kalogridis, President of Dallas-based custom carpet company Kalogridis International. “It is time to innovate again and bring some new styles and new techniques to […]


THE DECONEL SOLUTION OFFERED BY KALOGRIDIS INTERNATIONAL   Kalogridis International has recently developed new carpet styles for the very light jet market. To help clients and their end-users visualize the overall look of their cabin interior, Kalogridis is now offering custom renderings with carpet and patented Deconel® panels. Through these renderings, every imaginative design concept […]

Excitement Underfoot for Dallas Carpet Maker

Excitement Underfoot for Dallas Carpet Maker Kalogridis International, world renowned custom aircraft carpet supplier and manufacturer, was featured in The Dallas Morning News, in an article titled “Excitement Underfoot for Dallas Carpet Maker.” A snippet of the article, as written by Cheryl Hall: Talk about flying carpets. George Kalogridis and his band of Dallas artisans […]

Kalogridis International New Services and Trends

KALOGRIDIS INTERNATIONAL NEW SERVICES AND TRENDS VIA TARMAC NEWS Our Deconel wall panels have been widely covered and celebrated in both the aircraft and yacht industries.  And now, Kalogridis International has improved an already stellar product, inspired by surrounding design and technological trends. New Deconel trends now include 3-D carved surfaces, which optimize the acoustic performance while at the […]

Kalogridis Launches 3D Tapestry

KALOGRIDIS LAUNCHES 3D TAPESTRY   Carpet specialist Kalogridis International of Dallas has just launched a new line of bulkhead tapestries available in a variety of colors, and with three-dimensional surface texture. The new surface was developed by company president George Kalogridis and research and development designer LiChing Liu Tsai. The tapestry was created to fill […]


NAMIBIAN INSPIRED DECONEL CREATED BY LICHING LUI TSAI   Inspiration is everywhere, and here at Kalogridis International, our designers pull inspiration from all types of sources, especially the natural world.  One of our very own designers has created a Namibian inspired Deconel panel, pulling the natural realm into the industrial. Sossusvlei, Namibia’s most prominent hallmark […]


KALOGRIDIS INTERNATIONAL AND A NEW EVOLUTION: DECONEL   The cardinal rule of business: never stagnate.  That’s why we here at Kalogridis International have brought forth a new evolution in the aircraft interior design industry. A snippet from the article: Kalogridis, internationally know as a decades-long leader in the design and manufacture of creative custom carpets for […]


KALOGRIDIS INTERNATIONAL PRESENTS OUR REVOLUTION IN THE CABIN: DECONEL PANELS Kalogridis International spent several years on research and development for their Deconel product- a patented panel covering product providing an eye-catching and luxurious alternative to the old style bulkhead tapestries and hard panels. Deconel, the “revolution in the cabin,” is providing the Aircraft industry with an infinite number […]


TAPESTRY OF GRACE- A New Approach to Aircraft Acoustics An Aircraft’s aesthetics and performance depend on many things, and using right interior material is one of the most important factors. A familiar name in the aircraft industry, Dallas-based Kalogridis International, founded by George Kalogridis in 1976, designs and produces bespoke wool and silk carpets. And […]

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