In 1976, George Kalogridis founded Kalogridis International. He was determined to present the aircraft industry with a product that was superior in quality and served the purposes of both art and functionality. It took years of research and development before finally reaching the perfect combination of techniques to create the Kalogridis product. A self starter, George’s company has grown over the years to become one of the worlds premier suppliers in carpet and Deconel for aircraft and yachts.


It is no wonder that “Carpet and Deconel as Art” has become the company slogan. After all, Kalogridis’ background consists of professional art training. The knowledge he has gained of carpet design, construction, and production has led to many innovations in the industry. Improvements in materials, equipment, and techniques are continually at the forefront of his thinking. This attitude of continual improvement has led to many long-lasting relationships with both clients and suppliers who appreciate his desire to reach perfection. His commitment to excellence in design and quality is the basis for his continual success.

At Kalogridis International, we achieve the highest quality of design, materials and workmanship. Kalogridis carpets are not only viewed as the industry standard, but as long-lasting, interactive works of art. Our designers, artisans, and production teams work tirelessly to provide excellent service and creative skill, and we are proud to serve the most highly-demanding clients in the aircraft and yacht industries