Kalogridis International pushes technological and artistic boundaries throughout every stage of the carpet design and manufacturing process. We invite you to look beneath the surface and discover the story behind our creations.

Wrought from the Finest Materials

We start the process by hand-drawing the approved carpet design on a blank canvas. Then we begin crafting the piece using premium materials, including silk and New Zealand virgin wool.

Dyed In-House

Next, we use a brilliant array of stock and custom colors during our in-house dying process. Each strand is of the carpet is hand-dyed to order to achieve tighter color control.

Hand Tufting

We use meticulous hand-tufting techniques to create many of our most stunning rugs. Our artisans hand-weave each strand of wool through the back of a stretched canvas, covering it in a uniquely intricate pattern.

Precision Finishing

After hand-tufting the carpet, our skilled artisans employ high-end techniques to create the desired finish, ranging from smooth and velvety, to textured and multi-dimensional.

Retrofit Applications

For time sensitive projects and smaller budgets, we also offer machine-made carpets for retrofit applications. These carpets are available in solid or multicolor designs and can be created with a variety of texture.